We will be celebrating Talma's 40th birthday next season!

Synttäreiden kunniaksi Talman kausikortti super edulliseen hintaan 219€ (ovh 420€)! Sama hinta lapsille ja aikuisille. Lisäksi suositun Werneri Parkin kausikortti nyt hintaan 79€ (ovh 150€).

Tarjoukset voimassa sunnuntai 1.10. kello 23:59 saakka verkkokaupassa tai paikan päällä Talmassa seikkailupuiston aukioloaikojen puitteissa. Katso aukioloajat FROM HERE.

Season ticket can be bought in our webshop and uploaded onto an Axess smartcard. If you do not have an Axess smartcard, you can buy one for 8€. To the webshop

Payment methods
Payment in the webshop with card, via bank, invoice or ePassi.
Payment on site with cash, card, ePassi, Smartum and Edenred e-payments and vouchers.

Instructions for use of the season ticket

The season ticket is personal! The season ticket may not be used by anyone other than the season ticket holder.

Misuse will result in the loss of the season ticket for the whole winter. The photo of the season ticket holder is automatically displayed at the lower station of the lift each time going up.

If the season ticket is lost, we charge a total of 15 euros + the price of the remote card for cancelling the old card and making a new card.

Talma Ski Oy
info(at)talmaski.fi (Note! email is only read on weekdays)

  1. Kausikortti on henkilökohtainen. Kausikortti on voimassa kaikilla rinnealueilla koko talvikauden/kaudet.
  2. The season ticket is downloaded in the online store.
  3. A picture is uploaded to the season ticket. The photo must be a recent "passport photo" - type photo, a clearly recognizable photo.
  4. The cardholder's photo must be added to the order at the time of purchase.
  5. When buying a season ticket for children (6-11 years) or seniors (65+), be prepared to prove your identity to the staff if necessary while on the slopes.
  6. The season ticket is only loaded onto an Axess SmartCard chip card. The chip card can be purchased at the time of ticket redemption for 8 EUR/piece. Some of Skidata's KeyCards also work, but we cannot guarantee this. The chip card is not included in the campaign or normal price of the season ticket.
    All slope cards of the Axess ticket system can be read remotely. Rinne cards must not be punched or the chip will be damaged. The customer must redeem a new chip card to replace the damaged Axess chip card. The slope card should be placed on the left side, in the breast, belly or sleeve pocket of the jacket.
  7. When you buy the card on the spot, it is immediately loaded onto the chip card. The card holder will also be photographed on the card. So take your own chip card and card holder with you.
  8. Misuse or violation of lift and slope rules can result in the ticket being withheld for a limited period of time or completely.
  9. If the season ticket is used by someone other than the card owner, it is a case of fraud, which we will report to the authorities. If the wrong person uses the card, he will automatically lose the season ticket.
  10. We charge a cancellation fee of 15 euros for a new card issued to replace a forgotten/lost season ticket. You also need to buy a new chip card.
  11. An already purchased season ticket cannot be exchanged, changed or canceled except in cases of force majeure - or in cases of illness with a medical certificate.
  12. The skier himself has to take care of the insurance coverage he thinks he needs.