Freestyle Camps

The minimum age to participate in the course is 8 years. In addition, the skier must be able to use all Talma lifts and manage a cutting turn with twin tip skis and a snowboard turn in both directions on all Talma slopes. At the beginning of the course, the basics of freestyle landing are ensured: correct landing position, push-up, descent, switch landing and control of equipment. An essential part of every course session is teaching the rules and safety aspects of parking ramps and taking them into account from the first time. Park skiing takes place on the Talma street/park slope. The length of the course is 5 x 100 minutes. Park skiing starts with the smallest boxes/rails/presses and as the skills increase, we move to medium-sized, more demanding performance positions, depending on the skills. The goal is to teach young skiiers to freestyle skiing safely on the street and in the park. The maximum size of the course group is 10 people. There is one toplevel street/park instructor/coach for every five course participants.


Freestyle club Moebius ry is a freestyle association operating in the capital region, founded in 1980, whose goal is to offer club members high-quality activities, challenges, experiences and pleasant togetherness in freestyle skiing. In addition, the club's goal is to offer members the opportunity to succeed in both national and international freestyle competitions. Moebius is a member club of Ski Sport Finland ry, and organizes both recreational and competitive activities in all competitive disciplines of freestyle skiing (ski slopestyle, ski halfpipe, downhill and ski cross).

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Helsinki Snowboarders

Helsinki Snowboarders (formerly Pakastin ry) – The association's idea is to remain open to everyone and support the activities of the snowboarding youth of the capital region. The club has a variety of coaching activities for all age groups and skill levels. See Talma's coaching groups FROM HERE.

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