Please notice, Werneri Park has closed for this season.

What could be nicer than spending a skiing day with the family? This winter, it's even more fun because Talma has something for everyone. Parents and young people can enjoy skiing on the slopes, and for the youngest in the family, we have an area of almost a hectare in size, where you can ski, slide down the hill with slider or snow tube in a tube chute, spin on a carousel and much more! Best of all, tubes, sliders and sleds can be found ready at Werneri Park, so you don't have to bring your own! New for season 2023-2024, a net adventure course!

In Werneri Park, there is a large, two-story multi-purpose building with barbecue areas, tables, benches and, during the high season on the weekends, even Werneri's own kiosk, where you can get snacks, light food and hot drinks. Parents are also welcome to play along. For example, snow tubes are also great for use by adults. A playful snow tube race between family members will make cheeks red and mouths rise. So you can get down the slope in many different ways, but getting back up is also a chapter in its own right. The magic carpet is the heart of Werneri Park! You can use the carpet lift with almost any equipment - easily and safely. Werneri Park, combined with Talma's versatile slopes, offers activities for the whole family and for the whole day! Other things in Werneri Park: tube slide, net adventure and two carousels!

Werneri Park is also a perfect place to celebrate children's birthdays while enjoying fun outdoor activities. Read more about Werneri's birthday packages from here.