Ski patrols

We at Talma have over 10 active Ski Patrols. Ski Patrols are experts in slope safety. They do not only wait for an accident but first and foremost aim to prevent them in the first place. They help skiers, oversee safety and intervene in any action that compromise safety or customer enjoyment. They will also administer first aid when needed. Ski Patrol is volunteer work at its best! Ski patrols undergo a national training.

Talma Ski is one of the first Ski patrol centers in Finland, and operations have already started in Talma in the beginning of 21st century. In addition to the official ski partols, there are also first aid trained people who will attend the Ski patrol training later. You recognize Talma's patrols from the national Ski patrol vest.

If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact the patrol!

Talma Ski Patrol is now also on Facebook! Click here and follow up!

To become a ski patrol in Talma?

Are you interested to join in? Contact Vesa vesku (at) talmaski or Jussi jussi.komokallio(at) for training