Werneri courses for children and young people

Werneri is a ski school concept that enables fun and high-quality skiing and snowboarding lessons for children. The Werneri ski school concept was developed by the Finnish Ski Center Association and is used all over the country. Talma is one of the largest ski schools in the country and the organizer of Werneri courses!

The price of the Werner course always includes elevator rides during the lesson!

Werneri's preschool for 4-year-olds! (2x90min)

Saturdays and Sundays during one weekend.

We have created 2 x 90-minute long Werneri's Preschool for 4-year-olds, which helps four-year-olds take their first steps on skis in a flock of the same age. We can also assess whether the child is ready for the LumiWerneri course during this season. The teachers of Werneri Preschool give their honest opinion on whether SnowWerneri is the right solution for your child this season. It is important that the child experiences feelings of realization and success in the right reference environment and at the right goal level. In our course calendar, you can find the schedules of Werneri Preschool for this season. The goal of the preschool is to create readiness for SnowWerneri, stopping at the marked place and the first turns from the mid exit point of the children's slope carpet lift. On this course, adults are more than welcome to follow the teaching, for help and emotional support.

LAUTANAPEROT (snowboarding) is meant for children between 5-7 years, who have never snowboarded before. Course lenght is 2 x90min and runs on two consecutive days. Course includes getting to know the snowboard, sliding on the board and moving around with it. Participants will also learn about basic slope manners, carpet lift usage and slope safety. On this course, adults are more than welcome to follow the teaching, for help and emotional support.

LUMIWERNERI is intended for 5-14 year olds who are taking their first steps on downhill skis. The aim of the course is to learn and consider basic skiing skills (smooth plow turns), use of Talma lifts, slope behavior and slope safety issues. Within one course, the group of course participants is divided into two groups according to age from the first lesson. Younger LumiWerneri and older AlppiCamp 1.

The requirement for the course is either to have taken the LumiWerneri course or to have similar basic skiing skills and the ability to use the lifts on the front slopes of Talma. Age recommendation is 5-14 years. 

The minimum age limit for the course is 8 years. The course is intended for snowboarding beginners or young people who have tried snowboarding a few times on their own. The aim of the course is to learn basic snowboarding skills, turn sequences, slope safety issues and the use of ski lifts during the course.

The basic requirement is the basic skill level of those who have taken the Snowboard Werneri course. The child can master Talma's telescopic/button lifts. The goal of the course is smooth, speedy snowboarding and versatile control of snowboard handling skills.

All Werneri course participants can rent an equipment package from the rental company for two hours (course session) for 15 euros.

15-year-olds: See adult courses section.

Advanced level: Alppi Camps

The length of all advanced level courses is always 5 x 100 minutes.

ALPPI CAMP 2 / VauhtiWerneri's Advanced course (alpine skis recommended)
Kurssi on tarkoitettu 6-14-vuotiaille vähintään VauhtiWernerin käyneille ja kaikki Talman hissit ja eturinteet hallitseville lapsille. Kurssilla keskitytään sujuvaan ja monipuoliseen yhdensuuntaisin suksin laskemiseen, leikkaavan käännöksen kehittämiseen saman- ja erisäteisten rytmitettyjen “ratojen” avulla, vapaa- ja vauhtilaskuun, monipuoliseen suksitaituruuden kehittämiseen sekä hyppäämisen perusteisiin. Kurssi toteutetaan vain, jos sille ilmoittautuneita on vähintään 5. Kurssin maksimikoko on 18 lasta

The track calculation course and exercises are intended for 8-14 year olds who can calculate quickly with cutting turns. For children and young people who already have VauhtiWerneri Advanced Level skills in their pocket. The aim of the course is to familiarize the children with the basics of piste skiing technique and exercises on different slopes, and at the same time further develop each individual's own downhill and skiing skills. The course is only implemented if there are at least 5 people registered for it. The maximum size of the course is 12 children.