Talma Ski School

Enquiries via email hiihdonopetus (at) talmaski.fi or via phone 040-1281419 (within course times)

All reservations at least 24 hours in advance via the ski school electronic reservation system .

Talma ski school is a ski school that specializes in teaching children and young people. Our ski school has been involved in the Werneri concept development workgroups since the beginning and has been testing the concept before their national implementation. Our ski school has been one of the largest Werneri ski schools in Finland for several years.

For private lessons and Werneri courses, lift rides during the lesson are included in the price.
After the ski school, you can continue training cheaper. A customer who has attended a private lesson or a Werneri course receives a 50% discount on the lift ticket on the same day as having attended the lesson by showing the receipt at the ticket office.
NOTE! Does not apply to Werneri Park tickets.

All the courses are held in finnish. Private lessons also available in english. Education for children and young people is divided into two levels:

1. WERNERI COURSES: Werneri Preschool, 4-5 year olds. LumiWerneri 5-14 year olds beginners in skiing, VauhtiWerneri 6-14 year olds and LumilautaWerneri (8-14 year olds beginners with snowboard).

2. ADVANCED LEVEL to the advanced level "courses" for children and young people in the title, which are: ALPPI: AlppiCamp2, AlppCamp3, Freestyle Ski and Snowboard 2-level and Freestyle Snowboarding.


Skiing and snowboarding courses for adults are usually on Saturday-Sunday weekends from 10 am to 12 pm or 12 pm to 2 pm. The courses are held at the same time as the Werneri courses. Basic courses for beginners and advanced level for those who have previously skied or boarded. It's easier to be on the slopes with children when you know the same basics yourself. The minimum size of the course is five (5) people and the minimum age is 15 years. The goal of the course is to learn smooth skiing or snowboarding in easy conditions. The duration of the weekend course is 2×100 minutes.

TALMA SKI SCHOOL has been actively developing ski teaching concepts for children and young people, according to which our ski school operates. On these grounds, Talma Ski School was chosen Ski School of the Year 2010 and, as part of the same thing, Talma Ski Slope of the Year 2011, 2016 and 2020. The Werneri concept is a national "product" that is used in SHKY's (The Finnish Ski Area Association) ski centers. The individual abilities of children and young people in learning, combined with a positive and stimulating interaction, learning by learning, play a decisive role for us.

All ski instructors responsible for our Werneri courses have received separate Werneri instructor concept training. Our teachers strive to create strong trust between the children and themselves. We let children test their own limits and openly enjoy their success. We inspire and guide them with positive encouragement and strictly adhere to football coach Stuart Baxter's statement: "children are not small adults, they are children". Children's learning must be fun, lively and versatile. You always have to work with children with all your heart.

In our opinion, the child should be left with a good mood and the joy of self-realization every time. We do our best to see excited and happy faces at the end of each episode. Little skiers or snowboarders waiting for the next chance to go down.

Welcome and see you in Talma!