Talma Active Park prices

Summer 2024:

Adventure package, 1 person28€
Adventure package, 2 people50€
Adventure package, 4 people80€
Children's course (tracks 1A and 1B)15€
Gloves for climbing4€
Children's ATVs 10min10€
Children's ATVs 20min15€
Werneri Park (under 3 y. and adults free), inc. 1 excavator token8€
Excavator token, 1 pcs.2€
Excavator token, 3 pcs.5€
Minigolf (over 12 y.)8€
Minigolf (children up to 12 y.)5€
Disc golf discset rental10€

Adventure ticket includes climbing of all the tracks for the whole day and entrance to children's activity park Werneri Park. Please note that gloves are mandatory in climbing. You can bring your own gloves or puchase them at the park.

The aerial park does not have an agelimit for the tracks but there are height requirements: Track 1A and 1B do not have a height requirement, track 2 minimum height is 120cm, tracks 3 and 4 minimum height is 130cm and track 5 minimum height is 160cm.

Seikkailupakettien hinnoittelu yli 4hlö seurueille normaali hinnaston mukaisesti. Esimerkiksi 6hlö seurueelle seikkailupaketti 4hlö + seikkailupaketti 2hlö.

For the aerial adventure ticket, a group discount is available for groups of at least 20 people during the park's opening hours, prior reservation is required at least 3 days before the visit. Request a quote or make a reservation by e-mail hanna (at) talmaski.fi or 0401281419 (weekdays from 12 pm to 3 pm). Read more here.

Payment methods: cash, debit card, most common credit cards (not Amex), Smartum, Edenred, ePassi, Eazybreak, Tyky payment method.