• Visitors to the adventure park receive a climbing harness and a helmet. You cannot use your own harness. The staff will guide you in putting on the harness. The use of gloves is mandatory. We have for sale gloves suitable for climbing for €4/pair or alternatively you can bring your own.
  • First, we watch a 10-minute long instructional video about going to the actual tracks. After that, we will familiarize ourselves with the safety system and the use of the harness on the training track. In addition, every adventurer familiarizes himself with the safety instructions.
  • Talma has a continuous security system. That is, you cannot detach yourself from the safety wire at any point during the adventure.
  • Height requirements: course 1 = no requirements, course 2 = 120cm, course 3 and 4 = 130cm and for the fifth course the requirement is 160cm. NOTE: A child can go together with a taller person (e.g. a parent) on all other courses except the fifth course.
  • Remove all extra accessories such as jewelry, rings, scarves, etc. Keep long hair tied back.
  • You must not go to the tracks when you are sick or intoxicated.
  • After passing the test track, you are ready for adventure.
  • ENJOY!
  • A maximum of 3 people are allowed on the platforms at a time.
  • No more than 1 person at a time on an obstacle.
  • Maximum weight on the courses is 130kg.
  • In the slide, no more than one person at a time. You may not go down the rope slide until the person in front has completely left the landing platform. The weight of the person going on the longest rope slide must be at least 40 kg and a maximum of 90 kg, there is no minimum weight limit for shorter slides.
  • Dress in clothes suitable for the weather, in which it is comfortable to move. Closed-toed and low-heeled shoes are best suited for moving on tracks. Talma is not responsible for dirt or damages caused to clothes.
  • The adventure ticket entitles you to adventure on all tracks. Valid for the day of purchase.
  • Safety equipment may not be taken out of the adventure park area or given to another person.
  • The adventurer must take care of the equipment he uses. When you are not on the tracks, keep the safety devices either in your hand or on the safety harness belt.
  • The harness should be removed when going to the toilet. Ask the staff to make sure the harness is on when you put it back on.
  • Smoking is allowed in the adventure park Only in the designated area.
  • The adventurer's maximum weight is 130 kilos.
  • We do not recommend the adventure track for pregnant women.
  • Climbing in the adventure park happens at the consumer's own risk or in the case of children, under the parents supervision. Customers are responsible for getting the insurance coverage they think necessary.

General terms and conditions of adventure parks