We started our paintball activities at the end of summer 2008. Talma has a 50m long concept field that is suitable for up to 10 vs. 10 games (the group size can be even larger than this, in which case the group is divided into smaller teams that take turns in the game). Our customers are e.g. companies, schools, sports clubs and, of course, stag parties. The feedback we have received has been unequivocally positive, come and see for yourself!

We maintain our equipment after every game to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible and, of course, safe.

In our guided games, players are equipped as follows:

  • Lightweight all-terrain overalls
  • Anti-fog mask (teams have their own colors)
  • Tippman 98 ACT semi-assist. marked on the cap
  • Neck guard
  • Gloves
  • Headgear (HAD/cap)
  • At least 500 colored balls

Guided paintball games in Talma

Practically all games on our fields, with the exception of paintball clubs' training sessions, are guided. For the customer, this means that the guide(s) will always provide guidance on how to put on the overalls and how to play the game. The presence of the guide is a guarantee for a safe and smooth gaming experience. The duration of a normal guided game event is about two hours and includes at least 400-500 colored balls per player. The price varies depending on the time and the size of the group.

Reserve a fast-paced game for your group in advance (at least a week before) by emailing activepark (at) talmaski.fi or by phone at 0400-716894 on weekdays from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Paintball equipment rental

Know a spot for playing? Rent gaming equipment from us!

Organize your own battles with a group of friends! Gather your friends and create your own battle scenario, for example at a summer cottage or in the forest. Ticket robbery, conquering the hill or, for example, the traditional "to the last man"...only imagination is the limit. High-quality equipment ensures smooth games and you can get everything from us!

Rental set without coveralls:

  • Tippman 98 ACT semi-automatic marker
  • 200 bullet magazine
  • Pressure bottle for marker (HPA)
  • Mask (different colors for teams)
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning tools and substances
  • 500 colored balls per player

Rental price list summer 2023:

Rental price on weekdays 48h (e.g. pick-up Mon, return Wed) = 35€/player
Rental price for the weekend (pick-up on Fri, return on Mon) = 40€/player

Additional options:

Camo overalls + 5€
500 additional balls (total 1000) + 15€
Neck protection & HAD multifunctional scarf + 5€

Tippman's own game bottle shoots about 400-500 shots. If your group rents at least 6 sets at a time, we include the so-called bank bottle, which, with the additional compressed air provided, a group of 10 people can shoot at least 1000 balls per player.

Reserve rental in advance at activepark (at ) talmaski.fi or during the opening hours of the adventure park, tel. 0400 716 882. Payment methods: cash, bank card, most common credit cards, Smartum, Edenred, ePassi, Tyky-voucher.

High-quality colored balls from Talma Active Park

paintball balls price list summer 2023:

  • 2000 pcs box = 60€