Electrically assisted fatbikes, children's electrically assisted mountain bikes and enduro bikes for lift and mountain biking can be rented from Talma's rental office. You can rent a bike for a couple of hours or for example for the whole weekend and take it with you to the cottage! We also have a rack for three bikes on the trailer for bicycle transport. Talma's nearby terrains comfortably offer different route options. As a novelty, 6 ready-made route options and a navigator included in the store! The pre-planned routes are approx. 30min-4h excursions.

See available bikes and make a reservation in our online rental shop.

The bike rental is paid before the start of the rental either at the online rental company or on the spot with a card, cash or exercise benefits (ePassi, Eazybreak, Smartum, Edenred, Tyky voucher). When renting a bike, the renter's valid official identity card or security deposit must be left as security. The warranty is returned when the bike is returned. The bikes are picked up from Talma. Our address is Talmantie 341, 04240 Talma.

The customer must rinse the bike before returning it. A washing place suitable for this purpose can be found immediately behind the rental office.

Remember to return the bike and accessories at the agreed time. The bike can be going to the next user immediately after your rental period.

When renting, we recommend that you also take out insurance, which reduces your deductible in the event of an accident to 150 euros. Kuluturva does not cover a stolen/lost bicycle.

Inquiries by e-mail voorkaamo (at) talmaski.fi or by phone 0400 716 866 (during Bike Park opening hours).

Lift and mountain biking Bikes for rent:

Pole Evolink 158

  • Size S: 1 piece (for approx. 155-170cm)
  • Size M: 2 pieces (for approx. 170-185cm)
  • Size L: 1pc (for approx. 180-190cm)
  • Size XL : 1pc (for approx. 190-> cm)

Ghost Riot

A full-suspension enduro bike that is suitable for both lift cycling and off-road.

  • Size S: 2 pieces (for approx. 155-172cm)
  • Size M: 2 pieces (for approx. 172-180cm)
  • Size L: 1pc (for approx. 180-188cm)

Electric bikes for rent for mountain biking (not for lift biking):

Whistle Bison Gen2

Electric fatbike with front suspension, 4″ wide wheels

  • Size M: 3 pieces (for approx. 170-185cm)

Fell e260

Electric mountain bike with front suspension

For young people 9 years old. from, 26-in

  • 2 pcs, for approx. 135-160cm

Fell EMax

Electric fatbike with front suspension

  • Size S: 1 piece (for approx. 155-170cm)

Rental conditions