Organize a memorable birthday party at the Talma adventure park!

In Talma's adventure park, an active birthday party with friends can easily be organized - there are activities suitable for children of all ages. Climbing, playing in Werneri Park, paintball, children's ATVs and, of course, tasty snacks in restaurant SNÖ.

A few packages are presented below - we can also customise the package for you. Birhdays can be arranged during adventure park opening hours. Birthday packages need to be booked one week in advance.

Birthdays can also be arranged by yourself in the adventure park. There are tables around the adventure and Werneri parks for eating your own food and even a grill can be arranged for your use. You can also rent our big hut for your private use for the duration of the party. The rent is 90€/2 hours, including firewood and cleaning.

At least 1 adult must accompany the birthday groups. The adult must supervise that the children adhere to the rules and regulations of the park. The adult does not need to go climbing with the children, if they are tall enough for independent climbing. Our staff will supervise in the park generally and will be available to help when needed.

Reservations, inquiries: info (at) / 0401281419 (phone on-call weekdays 12-15)

Terms of cancellation: Events cancelled more than 7 days prior, free of charge. If the cancellation is made less than 7 days prior, all booked catering will be invoiced.