Our Werneri Park, which is popular in winter, is also open in the summer version. In the summer of 2023, our activity park has a bouncy castle, two large Acon trampolines, a children's net adventure, a swing carousel with a motor, electric diggers, a regular carousel, a roller coaster and different play equipment, slides and various yard games for free use. Werneri Park is free for children under 3 and adults.

New for summer 2023 is a net adventure coourse which is suitable for all ages and does not require a harness. In addition, a new Werneri's puzzle adventure where you solve puzzles with clues and advance from room to room. Puzzle adventure is aimed for children and is suitable also for rainy days, as it is an indoor activity (puzzle adventure is in finnish).

Werneri Park also has a sunny roof terrace with views of the hill. You can also enjoy your own snacks on the terrace.

Werneri Parkista löytyy myös lasten kaivinkoneet! Sähkötoimiset kaivurit toimivat poleteilla, sisäänpääsylippuun sisältyy yksi poletti, lisäpoletit 2€ /kpl tai 8€/5kpl. Kaivurit toimivat 5min yhdellä poletilla 👷🏻‍♂️👷‍♀️Huom! Alle 3v ja aikuisten ilmaiset sisäänpääsyt eivät sisällä polettia.