Talma's aerial adventure park has six tracks of different levels, each of which runs at a different height. There are a total of 90 different obstacles on the tracks. The easiest track is meant for children and runs just above the ground. New children's course was opened autumn of 2021. Climb up the stairs of Nepal mountain. crawl with Werneri bunny through an ice cave, balance on top of mountains, visit the Alp hut, see the giant carrots and slide down the mountain.

The most challenging course runs at a height of up to 12m. The hearts of the climbing park are two 200m long cable slides that start from above Werneri Park and end all the way to the family slope. The weight of the person going on the longest rope slide must be at least 40 kg and a maximum of 90 kg, there is no minimum weight limit for shorter slides. Our tracks have a ZAZA-2 continuous safety system that is easy to use and has no gaps. The customer is connected to a safety wire from the beginning of the track to the end of the track.

Talma aerial adventure park has

  • 90 obstacles
  • six different levels
  • the safest, continuous security system (ZAZA2)
  • two long cable slides and several shorter ones
  • suitable courses from children to adults, our most difficult course is definitely the most challenging in Finland!

You can find additional instructions for those coming on an adventure from here