Internation Ski Patrol day on friday 10.2.

We at Talma have over 10 active Ski Patrols. Ski Patrols are experts in slope safety. They do not only wait for an accident but first and foremost aim to prevent them in the first place. They help skiers, oversee safety and intervene in any action that compromise safety or customer enjoyment. They will also administer first aid when needed. Ski Patrol is volunteer work at its best!

During the international ski patrol day, 10.2.23, we have several ski patrols around to talk about their work and how to join. They look forward to talking to you all!

Our patrols will also organise a safety tour for all interested at 18.00 on 10.2. They will talk about what their usual day on the slopes consists of and also talk about the general rules and etiquette of both slopes and park. This tour is an excellent opportunity for example a young person starting park skiing, as well as to the parents of those young - and for everyone interested in learning more about ski patrol work. Meeting will be below the front slope, by a ski patrol sign.

Welcome to meet our ski patrols and learn more about the patrol work!

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