Talma Ski is situated in the small Talma village, where the roads are narrow. There are a lot of children, people walking their dogs, bikers and walkers using these narrow roads with cars, with no real road shoulder to dodge cars passing by to. As a member of the Talma community, we kindly ask our customers to respect the residents of the area and drive responsibly, taking note of the 30-40km/hours speed limits.

We now have recycling bins around the area of the ski center. They can be found in the courtyard by restaurant and equipment rental buildings and in Werneri Park. You can find bins for bottles and cans, biowaste, metal and glass and mixed waste. We aim to increase the waste recycling and decrease the mixed waste amount together with you all. Thank you for your cooperation!

Electric car charging stations are now also available. They can be found at the back of the parking lot. There are four spots and payment can be made via bank or credit card.

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